Lumineers Band Site

During my intern stage at Zenman I was blessed with the awesome opportunity to provide web design direction for one of my favorite bands. It goes without saying that the Lumineers are a household name so I was ecstatic with such a cool opportunity. I strived to create designs that played up subtle but classic textures, with typography that fit the folky sound of the band, all of this while not compromising the user experience. The site is set up against a soft crackled texture background, with pops of vibrant color, bold serif headline typography and stellar band photography; in hopes of encapsulating the user in a personal experience that referential of the music that brought them there. By now, elements have changed however, some of the tenants of the direction are still in tact and brings me great joy. 

See it live here :

Client: The Lumineers - Created at Zenman / Role: Web Designer /